Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am a spaz

I took George, the shuttle bus from my apartment to the Path train today, as I do every morning. As I was coming off the bus, my heel got caught in my pants, and I went tumbling down the stairs and straight onto the pavement. God damn, I'm a clutz!! Thank god I didn't scrape, my knee, I was wearing my beautiful pink courduroy pants. I would have been soo sad if I ruined those, since I pain stakingly hemmed them myself. It got dirty from the pavement, but as I got to work, I cleaned it off, and now they look fine. However, I was bummed, that not a single person asked me if I was okay. Instead, they rushed by me to catch the train. Fucking commuters!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

my life revolves around the mta

So the Transit Workers Union went on strike today. Meaning no buses or subways anywhere in the city. Can this come at a more inconvenient time? My plans with my boyfriend Kyle has been ruined today seen's he's nypd, and now had to work a double shift and on his day off. We had plans to hang out tonight. I haven't seen him in a week. And the separation is getting to us. Tomorrow, we were supposed to celebrate his Christmas, since he has to work on Christmas. If they remain on strike, chances on, he'll have to work again, and that will mean no celebration. It's not like I can get to him anyway, there is no train to his apartment, and so I would have to be super creative to find a way out there.

MTA, it really is never going your way.
Merry #$%&! Christmas!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

my life. my blog.

This is the second journal I've ever created online, and this one will attempt to jog down all the daily happenings I encounter and my opinions of them. I don't know if anyone would be interested enough to read this, or how anyone finds it. If anything, it's a nice catharsis for me to write down my thoughts. I come across so many interesting things in my life, especially working in New York city. It amuses me how I don't get surprised or become too fazed by the weird things that go on here. I have lived around here long enough to just see it as one of those things that happens in the city.

I was actually mad at myself the other day, because I saw this pregnant woman on the street light up a cigarette. The sight of it really shocked me, and I was so tempted to say something to her. But my experience has been that whenever I confront strangers on the street, it's never a good outcome. One time, my friend and I intervened between this father scolding his kid. He was berating him, and calling him really awful names. So I said, "why don't you pick on someone your own size?" That comment enraged him further, and he started ripping in to my friend and I, saying that we had no right to talk to him like that and that we should mind our own business. He also said it shouting and with curse words throughout. He really frightened me, and I wasn't expecting his reaction, so to this day, I always watch what I say. So, I let the pregnant woman just walk past me. Although, I gave her the evil eye. The, "I know you are doing something wrong and stupid" look. Afterwards, I was so mad at myself for staying quiet, and I felt so sad for that unborn child.