Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am a spaz

I took George, the shuttle bus from my apartment to the Path train today, as I do every morning. As I was coming off the bus, my heel got caught in my pants, and I went tumbling down the stairs and straight onto the pavement. God damn, I'm a clutz!! Thank god I didn't scrape, my knee, I was wearing my beautiful pink courduroy pants. I would have been soo sad if I ruined those, since I pain stakingly hemmed them myself. It got dirty from the pavement, but as I got to work, I cleaned it off, and now they look fine. However, I was bummed, that not a single person asked me if I was okay. Instead, they rushed by me to catch the train. Fucking commuters!!


Blogger emiya said...

chiquita, are you ok??? are these the pants you got from zara's?

12:08 PM  

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