Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oooh, I'm so happy that I am giddy

So, I finally paid off my discover card bill. It's actually been paid off for a long time. But I decided today to call to cancel the card since I really do not use it anymore. While I was on the phone with them, they practically begged me to not cancel the card, and instead offered a 0.9% interest rate on transfer balances until September 2006! Yee haw. So I transfered just enough money from one card to the Discover, that way I can pay it off with little interest. Saaaaweeet. I am so excited. I'm finally learning how to manage my debt. It's great. I read this great book once, written by Suze Orman. I've been using the advice she has in that book, and I've already reduced my debt by a couple thousand dollars. It's thrilling!


Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

GOOD FOR YOU! And thanks for coming to visit me...(My momma is writing this for me...Purrrrrrrr)

She has learned how to put my picture in the profile yet....she says she is technically chalenged...ha ha ha...Puuuurrrrrr!

2:37 PM  
Blogger And Sow My Garden Grows said...

That's fabulous. Working on budgeting here. There always seems room to shave off expenses somewhere! Thanks for the post!

1:20 PM  

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