Monday, January 23, 2006

job interview

This year, my new years resolution, was to find a new job. I've been feeling trapped in my position lately, and I have been wanting to move on to a new place of employment. This past friday, I went on my very first job interview. I've only applied to two places so far, and both have called me in to meet with them. I turned down the first place, because the pay was too low. The interview was nerve racking. Three people interviewed me, and they drilled me on everything I knew. It was so intimidating. I'm not sure if I'll get called in for a second interview. I wasn't nervous, I answered all the questions that they had for me. But afterwards, I kept Monday footballing it. Oh, I could have answered that better, or I could of said this too. I hate job interviews. It's so much pressure to "sell yourself". I was making myself sick from talking about how great I was as an employee. It's really quite gross to talk so highly of oneself. Anyhow, I left the interview feeling tired, confused, and annoyed. After it was over, I went straight across the street and ordered myself a stiff drink at the bar. Upon which I waited for my friends to arrive so I could wallow in my misery.


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