Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Come on NY, get it together

It really bothers me that one of the most advanced cities in the world doesn't have public recycling. This morning, on my commute into the city, I felt so disheartened because there were tons of free Metro newspapers on the Path subway platform. It's really depressing to me that all this paper gets wasted. I saw this one guy, put his paper on top of a Path signage. Like where did he think that paper is going to go. Ok, granted, there were no recycling bins on the platform, however, he can carry that paper into work and recycle it. Is that so hard? I hate that people use things and don't think about the consequences of waste. It's really disgusting to me that we just consume, consume, consume, without even thinking about what happens to the waste. Landfills are beyond full in NY. They ship their garbage to Jersey. Pretty soon, we'll smell just like Staten Island. If I sound angry, it's because I am. Experts say that 75% of the garbage we create is recyclable. However, our society doesn't think that way. I blame the local government for this. If there were stricter rules about public waste, and recycling, then perhaps we would be a society that thinks about the things we throw out. Why can't we have public recycling like San Francisco or in Europe? I don't know how long we can go like this until we swim in our own filth. It's no wonder that NY is so dirty with garbage anywhere. People just don't care. Or maybe they are just lazy or indifferent. Am I the only one who carries their plastic water bottle in my bag, until I get home or to my office to toss it in the green recycling bin?


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