Thursday, January 26, 2006

i'm starving.

So, I recently started the Special K diet, where you substitute two meals for two bowls of cereal. Supposedly, if you follow this, you will lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. Oh, I so need to lose 6 pounds. A couple of years ago, after I graduated from grad school, I realized I had gained the freshman 25. I was so overweight, I couldn't believe it. It was bound to happen. I was working full time and going to school full time. I very rarely cooked or ate at home because I spend most of my time at school. I usually ended up eating take out, which is loads of calories and fat. So, some months down the line after I graduated, I went on weight watchers with the encouragement of my friend, and I managed to lose a good 20 pounds. I felt great. I looked great. I had more energy, and I was going to the gym 4 times a week. But then something happened, my weight started to plateau and I started getting frustrated that I was paying money to go to weekly meetings and I wasn't losing any more weight. Which was okay, because I thought I didn't need the support of meetings anymore, since I knew what to do with eating right and exercising. Then... I started dating Kyle and having such an amazing time, that I started to forget about dieting, and exercising. Not to mention, we both like to cook, eat, go out and enjoy ourselves. Yeah, I let myself go, and now, I find myself in this weird predicament. I'm not quite as heavy as I was when I graduated, but, I have packed on some pounds that I am dying to get rid of. So, it's been 3 days on this diet, and although I really like the taste of vanilla almond special k, I get hungry every 4 hours. I guess that's normal, but I'm sitting here at 1:30pm and I'm starving. I ate breakfast at 9:45am today. As long as I can pass the 2 week mark, so that I can jump start my dieting and metabolism, I can go back to eating regular healthy meals. I've also started to go to the gym again, and make my way back to the 4 day a week routine. It's been hard, because of winter, but enough with the procrastination. It's time to get back in shape.


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